Welcome to the new home of CTWUG's finances. Here you will find all the information you need on future projects and will also be able to see where every cent of CTWUG donations go.

For full detail on the Finance System please visit Here we explain how donations & projects are structured as well as explain how one can apply for a project of your own.

Unallocated Donations appear in the donations list along will all the Project and Area donations. If you wish to view this information exclusively then please Click Here

Please feel free to make a donation if you think CTWUG is worth something to you. Remember every little bit counts, no matter how little.

D-Day - 6 June 2019

Be sure to make a donation and track our progess on

Monthly Expenses
  • Banking charges: +/- R150 p/m
  • VPS: +/- R480 p/m

Scoop Distribution - Rebate Deal
HyperLink CTWUG members are able to buy at Scoop Distribution on the CTWUG account. The deal includes 10% rebate to CTWUG and we will be paying distributor prices.

To order on the CTWUG account, please head over to our forum and read the instructions there.